Santiago – in Pictures

After Peru, Chile was a shock to the system. It was so cold that I took a salsa class just to keep warm. Another tactic was to keep walking…


Student protest. The tear gas and water cannon made me walk faster. Despite the streaming eyes, a good result.


View of Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal.


‘Chile Before Chile’ exhibition at the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino.


Spotted at one of the university buildings. This is a city where you have to keep looking up. You might miss something.


I wouldn’t think of visiting the Cementario General, but I’m glad I did. The architecture is stunning. I was accompanying a friend who was a clown – strange but true. There are special areas where people are buried according to their profession and her fellow payasos had a mausoleum in the shape of a Big Top.


Ricardo Mesa’s raised fists door handles at the Gabriela Mistral Centre. I was told they were turned upside down during Pinochet’s military rule.


There are stray dogs everywhere. Apparently, over 2,000,000 in Santiago. They’ll happily follow you from A to B – I even saw them running around with the protestors and the police. Some of them look quite healthy and have doggy coats because people look after them.


This isn’t a wardrobe – it’s a lavatory. Who knew that Narnia was at a restaurant in Santiago? Peluquería Francesca is worth a visit just to check out the quirky antique interior. A good hot chocolate too, on a cold day.

Next stop – New Zealand.

1 thought on “Santiago – in Pictures

  1. Hi Fiona! We havke been following your blog with great interest and a little bit of jealousy! It has been a year of change for usso far. David’s dad died at the end of May, so we were in UK for about 2 weeks. Amy has at last got a permanent position in a big law firm in Belfast and she seems to be settling in very well and it is lovely to have her here in Eire. Christopher has moved in with his girlfriend and is living near Bedford. Lynne and Mike are spending a lot of time on the boat – which I don’t blame them. The weather has been lovely here for about 2 weeks but you know Eire rain is expected soon! Well you will probably be in New Zealand now . We will look forward to your next blog. Lots of love and keep safe. Yvonne and Dave xx

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