Portland – in Pictures

They say Portland, Oregon is where “young people go to retire.”
It’s tempting.

image Food carts – a difficult choice. Different cuisine from different countries all on one street.


I went to Georgia. Khachapuri, lobiani, badrijani rolls and some mushroom khinkali – $8.


A wonderful book store. Too many, too little time, too small a rucksack.


Welcome to Voodoo Doughnuts. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can even have maple syrup and bacon.


I chose chocolate and peanut butter. Is that better?


Vintage clothes stores. If I was “young and retired” I’d probably wear this too.


I’d also drink more. Here’s a microdistillery I came across on the Lower-East side. A group of thirty-somethings are making local, handcrafted whiskey and will soon be exporting to Japan.


The Japanese Garden in Washington Park. Beautiful. Quiet. A place to relax in the autumn years of your young life.

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